Acquiring Solutions

Paymentgateway & acquiring

E-commerce is starting to have a central point in today’s payments world. We have recognized this and have decided to expand offer for our clients to different aspects of acquiring services.

If you are in a need whole solution we can provide you with an innovative payment gateway that would enable you to accept payments globally, have settlement in more than one currency and your customers would benefit by having on a display choice of various payment methods.


Our payment gateway solution enables Clients to process card transactions and have full overview of the process. We have a specialised Data Centre with search engine and a Merchant Portal where merchants can be divided into separate units.


The Gateway enables payment routing and load balancing capabilities between multiple PSPs, and Clients can set-up user rights and roles management. We support all global currencies and have number of third-party connections for credit/debit card and alternative payment method processing. Additional interfaces are also available, and we offer real-time transaction monitoring as well as Fraud Control.

Our payment gateway solution consists of several important components.



  • Customer account and limit management
  • Customer and payment method blacklists
  • Control transaction and velocity limits


Fraud control tools enables our clients to have complete management over their blacklists, control over transactions, placing limits, as well limiting certain payment methods. Furthermore, we are constantly working on our fraud engine and adding new features and welcome integration with any additional modules.




  • Enables merchants to process payments
  • Hosted (Named Value Pair) and Direct (XML) based interfaces


Through our API merchants can start working immediately through a simple integration and with a help of our integrations team.




  • Front end website
  • Live transaction and fraud monitoring
  • Downloadable reports


Back office for our merchants enables them to have a clear and simple overview of all of their transactions, to monitor and manage fraud as well as to download any reports needed for internal or regulatory purposes.



  • Detail transaction search engine
  • Chargeback and Fraudulent payment management suite


Data centre part for our clients enables them to search transactions by payment methods, currency, country, amount, transactions status etc. Furthermore, data centre contains a management suite for chargeback and fraudulent payment where clients are able to see reasoning behind each chargeback and fraudulent transactions.




We also offer acquiring services, which, in addition to our payment gateway solution, enable Clients to be connected with number of acquiring banks in order to process their card transactions. Each acquiring bank offers different conditions depending on criteria, such as type of card and issuance country. Our payment gateway solution enables routing of these payments so that every transaction is routed to the cheapest or best possible option at that moment.