Software Solutions

Software solutions

Digital Capital EMI Solution is an integration platform that covers various business segments and can be used as a complete solution in combination with our regulatory framework and support.


It has a robust back office that fully supports the operations of electronic money institutions by flexibly securing the setup, insight and control over the entire business. All business data is available in one place, from individual transactions to management reporting. The system is fully automated and all parameters are adoptable.


End-user data is structurally stored with the ability to easily access all saved data as well as all end-user activities.


The products can be created quickly and easily with a wide range of options for setting fees, limits, and related transaction services and cards.

We offer a white label web app and mobile app for Android and IOS that can be branded under a user name and set up in the Play Store or Apple Store.


The application uses security settings to provide end-user access securely and must be connected to a back office (Digital Capital’s or an alternative provider) to function.

Each service can be used separately if the Client wants to use third party solutions.