About Us

We enable Clients to provide variety of payment services which include the following.

Who Are We?

Digital Capital is an authorised electronic money institution by Financial Conduct Authority.

We are offering a variety of solutions including:

How Do We Work?

Our Clients come from various industries including:

White Label Principle

We do not work directly with
end customers, instead our
solutions are available on
white-label basis and are
intended for corporate clients
who wish to offer regulated
financial services to its

Individual Approach To Each Client

All our solutions are modular,
we take individual approach to
each Client, study its existing
business model, and offer
solutions that would best suit
its needs or its customer base,
so each Client can get the
most from our solutions.

Reliable Third-party Providers

We work with reliable and
well-known in the industry
third-party software and
payment providers which
enable us to always offer our
Clients something new,
modern, and innovative along
with keeping best professional

Key Industries


Financial Institutions





Other Business



Each Client can launch its services fast as it does need to go through lengthy and expensive regulatory process.


Being EMD Agent means that Digital Capital covers all important compliance roles which cuts a lot of costs for Clients.


We are always available for our Clients offering software support, payment support, compliance support regarding any of our solutions or just advisory support for expanding existing solutions.