Payment solutions

Payment Solutions

We enable Clients to provide their end users with account opening, after which users can use a variety of services to high safety standards.


Our payment solutions enable all customers to enter in the world of alternative banking. Many of today’s internet and mobile banking solutions available at the market are old systems, difficult to change and which are not user-friendly. For our clients wishing to change this and to offer to their customers new, innovative way of banking our multi-currency account solution is here to meet their needs.

The accounts are multi-currency, with the option of assigned individual IBAN or with a reference number and a common IBAN, and can be open in all major currencies, as well as most European currencies. Account users can be both individual users and SMEs.


Transaction services – SEPA, SWIFT, Faster Payments – through our network of banks enable fast, high-quality and convenient services to send and receive funds. Also users within system are able to send funds to each other instantly and free of charge.


Clients who use our integrated solution can enable real time internal transfers for their end-users at no extra cost. This functionality is very useful to those Clients who need to transact with their end-users.


We provide our Clients ability to access real-time exchange rates and the possibility to make exchanges with over 30 different currencies. All major currencies are supported. As a part of the system set-up, Client / end user is able to have access to easy creation of currency conversions, with real-time rate quotes being shown before conversion is made.


Solution itself within back-office system enables our clients to have complete control over document management, clearing, settlement and reconciliations, managing of accounts, managing of users and groups of users, fraud management and many other tools necessary for successful business.