Payment Solutions

We enable Clients to provide variety of payment services which include the following.

Solutions for individuals and business

Through our solutions both individuals and business can open multi-currency account online within minutes. Once the accounts are approved Our payment customers enter in the world of alternative banking.

Account Top-up

Card Top-up

Instant account top -up by using existing bank card.

Alternative methods

Account top -up by sending funds from alternative wallets like Google Wallet or Apple Wallet.

Bank Transfer

Customer or someone else can send money to account via classic bank transfer.

Bank Transfers and Virtual IBANS

Clients can choose whether they want to offer their customers virtual IBANs or just accounts with reference number that all under the same individual IBAN. Accounts can then be used for SEPA, SWIFT or Faster Payments. Furthermore, there is option of real time internal transfers for their end-users.

Real Time Exchange Rates

We provide our Clients ability to access real-time exchange rates and the possibility to make
exchanges with over 30 different currencies. All major currencies are supported.

Alternative Payment Methods