Card solutions

Card Solutions

We enable our Clients to issue MasterCard debit (linked to accounts) and prepaid cards (reloadable and disposable). Consumer and commercial cards are available, both as virtual and physical.


Clients can provide their own design for cards so they are own-branded, or use our brand, or co-brand it with us.


Our  brand

This is for those clients who do not wish to have any of their own branded solutions but would still like to issue cards to their customers. In this case we can offer to these clients one of our generic brands which they can later-on use. All terms and conditions related to these cards would be terms and conditions of Digital Capital.



This is for those clients who would like to have some presence of their brand on the card. For those clients we are able to offer one of our branded cards on which they can place their own logo. However, still Digital Capital terms and conditions would be applicable.



For those clients who would like their own completely branded cards but are not interested in placing their own terms and conditions this is a perfect solution – it enables them to have full presence of their brand but with taking less responsibility when it comes to legal terms.


Virtual cards are available to verified end-users as soon as they are requested in web or mobile applications.

Cards can be linked to an account and an application (e-wallet), plus we can also enable card issuing separately, so our Clients can issue branded, physical, virtual, debit, prepaid, reloadable and disposable cards.


All card users have ability within the app to:

  • change their card PIN
  • deactivate card
  • report card as lost or stolen
  • manage their spending

Within the back-office users are able to control creation of cards, card security, as well as fees and limits.


We can offer various card programs suitable for any business needs. Some of them include:


General Spend Cards

This is the simples of all programs and is intended for everyday purchases of consumers. It allows full transparency over the finance that can be managed within the app. Users are notified about all their transactions, they are able to change their limits, or even share their balance with family members.

Travel Cards

Travel cards are usually cost-effective products that enable users to transfer domestic currency onto their card and use it anywhere in the world without need to change currency. Travel cards are very popular among travellers who like to benefit from competitive exchange rates and also monitor in real time how much they are spending.


Gift Cards

Gift & Loyalty cards are something that you cannot avoid in today, when even small shops have some type of loyalty programs. These cards are perfect for clients who wish to offer to their customers benefits every time when they spend in their stores, webshops, by adding points that can exchanged for money or offering free purchases.


Business Cards

Business cards are intended for corporates who would like to use this type of cards to manage their corporate expenses, run a payroll programs and use them for general purchasing. These cards provide great insight and analysis of all your corporate spending.

Virtual Cards

For all those who are not fans of plastics our virtual cards are here to meet their needs. Cards are instantly issued with the app and users are ready for their online purchase. This is a great solution for those who never leave their phones out of hands.