Money Remittance


We provide our Clients with the ability to establish a money remittance business. Depending on the modality of the co-operation, we can provide online funding and referral to a third party (selected by the Client) who can make cash payments.




  1. Client uses our system, so their end-users can use their accounts for sending funds.
  2. Client uses only our money remittance service. We provide support through a payment gateway solution, and payments can be made using cards.



With our money remittance solution our Clients can offer their customers to send money in a simple and easy way by sign-up which takes just few minutes after which transfers can be completed. Service can be use anytime and anywhere with customers receiving notifications once money is ready for a pick-up at cash point.


The transfer itself is done simply:


  • Enter recipient details and amount and set up the transfer
  • Pay securely by using Visa or Mastercard
  • Transfer is being processed by us sending notification to our local partner
  • Money is ready for pick-up at selected cashpoint agent

In order to provide best possible solution we are open for integration with additional third-party providers as well as any local partners Client may choose.


Our solution enables you to send money to friends and relatives around the world in a simple, fast and secure way.