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Our Achievements


Digital Capital was founded by team of enthusiast with a goal of becoming one of the leading e-money institutions.

E-money licence

Digital Capital was authorized by Financial Conduct Authority and is fully compliant with all rules and regulations.

Mastercard Program Manager

Digital Capital became Mastercard registered Program Manager for debit and prepaid consumer and corporate cards.

Variety of payment solutions

Digital Capital now offers a variety of payment, card and acquiring solutions available as a white-label to corporate Clients.

Benefits of choosing Digital Capital as your new investment



In order to achieve our goals and be able to further develop our solutions we are looking for new partners and investors to achieve our goals.

Exploring New Possibilities

We are ready to work
closely with our partners
in order to add new
solutions, such as hospitality solutions and
become one of the leading
Fintech disruptors.

Reaching New Heights

We believe that with the new capital and energy we could easily expand our services and enrich our Client base with global presence.

The State of Fintech

After explosive growth, the fintech market is maturing. Now is the time to see which companies are here to stay. There will be some necessary consolidation and high-profile failures. An early winner is Ant Financial.

New trends and technologies are emerging which will develop further in 2024.

What's happened?

2018 saw $128 billion invested globally into fintech. Investment in the sector is expected to grow to $310 billion by 2022, a 25% annual growth rate.’

Fintech vs. Total VC

Out of $254 billion invested in venture capital globally in 2018. fintech accounted for $128 billion (nearly half} }.2

What's currently happening?

Government bodies: central banks, regulators. etc.
Traditional financial services firms.

Tech companies that provide financial services alongside their core products.

Companies that provide technology for financial transactions.

New destruptive companies.

Evidence fintech sector is maturing

Relative Size of Fintech Segments

Why invest in Fintech ?


High returns